Is anyone else having problems with "Weapon Swap"

So, My “Swap Weapon” action is bugging out pretty consistently.
They have somehow spaghetti coded “Drop Weapon” to the same key as “Swap Weapon” and it is frequently causing me issues when i try to double trap for swap. It just drops my weapon instead of swapping.

I have bound the actual “Drop Weapon” action to 3 unreachable keys on my keyboard in an effort to prevent this from happening, but it still just drops my weapon a lot of the time.

At first i thought they still had “1” shadow bound to “Hold to drop weapon” from the flights so i tried changing my “Swap” action to “2”… the problem still persisted.
The ONLY key that doesnt do this is “V”… which im sorry but you need to be on -Yoink!- to think “V” is a good option for swap weapon when EVERY shooter in the history of the universe has had it bound to “1” or “2” respectively including previous halo titles.
I can’t be the only person experiencing this surely.
I use a corsair scimitar for my bindings maybe thats the issue? MCC was never able to support good gaming externals.

Edit: what worries me more is if i am one of the only people experiencing this issue then the chances of it getting fixed in the foreseeable future are less than 0.

You swap weapons with the mouse wheel, but it’s pretty buggy. Sometimes you “switch” to the same weapon you were trying to swap out.

I’ll try it but i really do hate having to re-train my brain after literally almost 2 decades of pressing 1.
I tried to learn to press V but its just jarring and feels bad when you bind crouch to C.