Is anyone buying one of these?

Are there any Halo fans out there who are serious enough to buy one of these?

Actually, I really like the idea of this sort of thing, it’s very portable and easy to set up. It could be really fun to have for showing others all of your cool Xbox games.

I really wish I could buy one of those but my money is quickly depleting :frowning:

> I really wish I could buy one of these but my money is quickly depleting :frowning:

Likewise. I’d love to get it, but I sadly cannot.

My friend has one of those, it actually works surprisingly well!

My friends and I joke about how one could run through the streets playing Halo 4 xD

But it’s seriously expensive as well. Without an Xbox it’s $350.

it looks like a chair in one of those pictures LOL

I know someone with the G155 and love it, they use it in their home, and say screw the big screen. They actually prefer this one! LOL

but would love something like this! LOL

I can’t even consider it until they give more info on it.

I want one, but if i had the money…i would spend it on another thing, its just too much.

Its useless merchandise to me so nope.

I would… BUT, I have most of the parts to build my own that’s better.


Be fun to have one around for trips and such, but sadly the money isn’t there for me.

I don’t take many trips to justify one like that either way. At least not yet.

I’m sorely tempted to stick it on my birthday list. That’d be PERFECT for moving every 6 months-3 years!

If i showed up with that thing, omgosh i would never hear the end of it from my husband. I can hear him now calling me a dork… Plus he still hasnt forgiven me for my video cards. :slight_smile:

It looks good but unless I had an abundance of extra money I wouldn’t get it. I want it but if I had the cash I would get something else. Besides, I think I’ve spent enough money already and I have a bunch of birthday presents to pick up for relatives so I’m kinda broke.

I would but a 800$ HMD before I bought that.

> I would but a 800$ HMD before I bought that.

The Oculus Rift is only going to be around $300.

It seems dumb to have a portable thing to play your xbox on the go. The price for it is even worse.