Is anyone actually having fun

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  • Not having fun

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…rabble rabble rabble.

definitely not as much fun as I’d usually have with a new halo game, but ehh at least its free

Ye. What’s here is enjoyable, but without customs browser and with a bunch of critical custom games options missing I’m finding that my main reason for jumping on is BTB and BR practice for Ranked. Just feels like I’m waiting for critical features now. Truly an “early access” title.

I can enjoy the gameplay without worrying about the progression system. As predatory as it is.

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The game isn’t without its flaws, but I’m still having plenty of fun and enjoying the Tenrai event.

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Yes lots. I don’t play much custom games and I’m not really fussed about cosmetics so main thing for me was balance and game play.
Aside from a couple weapons, commando and ravager balance seems good.
Cross play will always be a hot topic as they will never be totally balanced.
Maps are good, no massive stand out hits but not really any I dread playing.
All in all pretty much exactly what I was hoping for.
At the same time I can definitely see why some are let down by the battlepass and playlists.

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When i am in the game i am having loads of fun, I’m only not having fun when I’m doing challenges