Is anybody playing breakout anymore?

ive been searching for 10 minutes got 1 game pretty quick then nothing for ages anybody still playing?

I’m sure some are, but from what I’ve seen and heard, breakout has never been that popular. As time goes on and less people are playing Halo 5 in general, it will be harder to find matches unfortunately for people who like it. Sorry bro

I havent played it since right around launch and dont really know anyone that does personally.

I just wanted to see what rank I could get I enjoyed it more though when the SMG was the primary weapon after they changed it to the shotgun I fell off abit

Breakout is dead right now. You’ll have better luck in Team Arena.

I played a little bit this weekend and so did my friend I found matches fine

I managed to play 9 matches last night since I came back to Halo 5, I’m actually surprised I actually still have it in me

I haven’t played breakout since the first week of the breakout refresh.

The launch default loadouts, shield/health levels, and maps were the best setup for breakout. I REALLY don’t like the refresh settings.

I genuinely forgot it after the whole refresh thing; I find Extermination a nicer alternative anyway…

Yeah, I’m still very surprised they haven’t incorporated Extermination as its own playlist or as part of Breakout.

Breakout is probably dead because 343 -Yoinked- it up with the refresh. I’m honestly quite surprised they never changed it back because I’m pretty sure the vast majority of the community hated the changes.

Once I completed the Breakout-specific commendations I never went into that playlist again. It wouldn’t surprise me if many other people did the same, or even gave up on those commendations and quit that playlist anyway.

i still really enjoy breakout however i wish that they would add in more maps to the rotation. it has been the same maps for most of this calendar year and they are old