Is all the HALO 5 armor being made by the blind?

I LOVE customizing my spartan, from color to armor sets, but now… really dislike it out of all helmets (or misshapen potato hats) and armor (Or look a like LEGO bodies) iv got in req packs iv found one that i don’t even like but its the best of a bad bunch! ALSO why is it that on certain armor sets that put in streaks of white that you cannot chance… i thought we had complete control over what we looked like i have a Blue and purple scheme … with crappy random white streaks through it :expressionless:

I LOVE HALO 5 and know a lot of people -Yoink- and moan about it and i hate those guys as well but i guess he only thing I’m unhappy about is the customization, so thats a good thing right ?

It’s not just white stripes on these ugly armors you can’t change. There’s a recon set that has a pale blue color that you can’t change. Why would they do this?