Is aim assist lower while playing a controller on PC?

It’s a simple question. Sometimes I notice while I play on PC with a controller, the game has next to nonexistent aim assist. Compared to other halo games, this game has the least aim assist.
I remember when Infinite came out, 343 made a statement that they removed or lowered aim assist on PC because cheaters could modify the intensity of it.
IDK if that is true, all I know is that there was some controversy surrounding Console players and how their aim assist was better than PC controller player’s aim assist.

Just want to check if it’s fixed.
I’m not very good with M&K and have been playing on Controller ever since I got into Halo.

Aim assist turns itself off sometimes. There’s been numerous threads about it.

Also it behaves quite differently to previous Halo, as covered here:

Yes there is aim assist. It’s a little weaker then console but it exist. It will also randomly turn off. This is due to the game detecting software/drivers for your mouse and keyboard. When this happens a game reset is required.

Technically it has the strongest. The difference is all the previous Halo’s used an aim assist which was a slow down of the response curve as your crosshairs neared the target. Infinite’s aim assist is basically aim bot. It tries to aim for you. The issue here is that it provides no slow down of the curve as you near your target. So as you move the right thumbstick you’ll reach max value and fly right past your target since there is no slow down.

You got one side screaming “aimbots” and then the opposite side is shouting back that “it’s the lowest aim assist.”

At this point, you don’t know who to believe. The only people who know the truth is 343.

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Yeah there is. I find that it’s easy to “lose it” though, and it might be related to how bad desync is on pc. I mean, if they’re not really there In the exact spot you’re shooting then micromanaging aim feels Bad

Thanks for the info.
They changed something that was perfect in previous games.
Even if it is stronger, it is very buggy and sometimes nonexistent when I am shooting somebody

If their goal was to “Improve aim assist” for their new game, why didn’t they make it easier to shoot from a distance, now that most weapons are good at a distance.
This is like the handicap from Halo 2, except it isn’t fair.