Is Achilles gone forever?

Since the waypoint has been drastically changed and we cannot access or create spartan companies any longer, does this mean we can’t get Achilles anymore?

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Unless 343i create another way to get the armour, I do believe it has joined the Recon armour in being unobtainable, at least for the time being.


You can still technically unlock Achilles if you’re already in a Spartan Company. It’s just you don’t have means of tracking your progress on how close you are from unlocking the chest piece & helmet.

The only method to unlock the Achilles armor set at this state is to be a member of a Spartan company that hasn’t completed that commendations required for unlocking the armor set.

This means that this armor set can only be unlocked by a very small subset of the community that are member of a spartan company and that the company hasn’t completed some specific spartan company commendations.

You can still get it, but it just won’t show your progress.

Achilles is still technically obtainable, they mentioned it in one of the last blogs that addressed some Q&A about the new site. Although realistically getting Achilles in 2021 onwards is a gargantuan task.

Essentially if you’re still in a Spartan Company you can still obtain Achilles however you just can’t actively check progress like you previously could.
There might be some kind of API out there that’s tracking it but I personally haven’t looked into that solution.


Nope. If you were in a Spartan Company post-vNext Waypoint, then the stats are still tracked. You can’t see the commendations though. For my Spartan Company (117 Ways To Die), we have 1 more comm left until the helmet. We have around 84,000 more standard issue kills left.

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I honestly think we all had the time to get it, 5 or 6 years is a lot.


Unless your new to Halo


If you are in a Company, you can’t track your progress on Waypoint anymore - but the progress still occurs and you’ll get the reward when it’s earned. It’s just next to impossible to track without diving into the API.

If you aren’t in a Company - you’ll never be able to join one again, making it actually impossible to earn.

If you are in a Company that already earned the Chest piece and is working on the helmet - but you joined AFTER the chest piece was earned - you’ll get the Helmet when it unlocks for that group, but you’ll never be able to join a different group to earn the chest piece later.

Really bad.

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The removal of Spartan Companies is a criminally fatal mistake on 343’s part. The overcorrecting from Halo 5 has to stop. NOW.


There is a Discord bot that can help give this info - do you use Discord?