Is a classic HUD layout still on the table?

It’s been almost a year since the release of Halo Infinite, and I’m honestly still unable to get used the the new HUD layout.

An option to choose the classic HUD layout would make a big impact in a relatively short amount of time. It also allows the icons and medals to actually be big enough to see again.

Also, what’s the +100 you get for each kill? If it’s not XP then what is it?

You get 100 points per kill, each player has a score but I don’t think it shows in all gametypes.

I need those bullets back on the hud. I can’t stand having a number on screen. especially in the lower right corner which my eyes will never be unless I have to look at my ammo. Seeing the icons on the HUD is way better for gameplay because you can see the amount in your peripheral vision. I don’t need to “read” the bullet icons, I can see the amount remaining compared to a full magazine and instantly recognize if I need to reload or not.

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The XP amounts in a match only matters (for now) towards cumulative score challenges.

!00 points for a kill, 50 for an assist, 10 for marking an enemy with the Threat Sensor or marking them with the callout button and your teammate gets a kill. I hope the Match XP change coming with the Winter update fixes most of that. Doing crazy stuff and getting Heroic/Mythic medals should award a little extra on top of that.