Is 58-1 in a BTS game good?

I got a 58 K/D ratio and wanted to know how often that happens? Because I’ve been thinking of trying to pursue a career in professional gaming, and I need to start somewhere. So has anybody gotten 58 kills and 1 death recently? I’ll provide pictures if you don’t believe me or you can find the game in my recent matchs.

No but 58-0 in mlg a guy did in my history i went 32-1

btb is easy

I’ve done just as well in Team Slayer and such, like 40-4 numbers like that. Basically win the game without anybody else getting a kill, but I guess that depends on how well my teammates are too sometimes, 1v1 I can win without letting the other person get a kill if I really wanted to and if I’m not playing around trying to do something crazy. Lol

32-1’s nice though I’ve gotten that in Team Snipers whats your BPR?

Not really lol. There are so many bad people in BTB, getting huge sprees isn’t as impressive.

I recently got a 56 and 5 in rumble pit king of the hill on powerhouse. I got an unfrigginbelievable (40 kills in a row) in that game as well.

I wouldn’t give up your day job over a BTB game…

As long as you werent using that purple flying thing or any other vehicle then yeh well done but then again 90% of the time BTB is filled with kids with no thumbs

Yeah thats impressive man, but dont base going into a pro gaming career one great BTB game. BTB is pretty easy cause all the tension is focused on you plus 7 team mates. I hit 35-0 in one BTB. If you wanna try pro, see how good you can be in MLG or Team/Super Slayer

I have had a bunch of games where i would go like 60 and 2 but my best game was 84 and 5.

I got 68-1 and 10 betrayals<–lol in btb heavies when i just outdmr the guest…