Is 343i really listening to there community?

It seems the further we get into halo the more of a ‘Product line’ feel this game has. What I mean by that is, I really believe 343i has things already planned out and isn’t changing them based on community feedback, but rather release dates for each month. I’ve thought about it for a while, and tried to see things from both perspectives.
The majority of things that are being released in halo just feel… planned, almost. And I don’t mean that in a bad way, as if planning for the future isn’t a good decision to continue a games lifespan. But rather, this game just feels like it’s all very slowly being put together piece by piece with each month and bit by bit the community is starting to leave and rage out of impatience of this decision. It seems good on paper, but I too don’t feel as I wan’t to wait each month just to feel disappointed again [Insert Rejection Joke here]

Now I can’t say for sure what’s happening behind closed doors, but as I said, I believe 343i has everything waiting to be released, just on hold behind monthly updates just to continue this game. I mean, think about it? If these social playlists, file sharing, forge and what not wanted to be in the game, they would be? They were in past halo’s right? But i think by doing this they are making the wrong decision. I can’t be for sure, so this is completely opinion based, but if all these amazing playlists, maps and features are hiding behind these monthly updates, then I don’t think many will continue to wait.

I’m agreeing and feel the same way as the community when they talk about the exact same subject. And the ones defending the game and calling out the ones who ‘complain’ and wan’t more, don’t see the point. It’s not that the community is spoilt and impatient but rather left behind with all of what halo had to offer stuck behind what could possibly be in the future without knowing for sure. I do see good things for the future of halo, but I don’t see it happening any time soon. The update of griftball and maps is sustainable, but just imagine if that was a social playlist the community had been crying out for had been released. All these posts of ‘No infection?’ ‘Really pizza skin’ Would never have been there. But instead how much pleased they had been and how much the community would shift from talking about what 343i is doing wrong and what they had finally done right.

I know for a fact from most players I have played with, friends and in game, that they’re tired of the switch between stuck with competitive game types, and warzone matches where they get just destroyed with how it plays out. I won’t go into detail of each because you all know the game you’ve been in where the 4 man fireteam which all have coordination of a cat on redbull, or a warzone game where there whole teams just thrown every power weapon and vehicle in the game at you. There is no where to relax and have fun, I mean… sure, we have… big team slayer… I guess as a social playlist, but I can rarely find a game in that. And team doubles, something me and my friend finally could play, just taken from us, back the square one. But since the introduction of forge the community rise in custom games has gone up a bit, but since no file sharing and actually having to look through people on XBL to find Gamertag then to add them, look them up JUST to find a map, Is just a burden.

But what this really comes down too, is not building your game on scheduled release dates, pro team picks or thoughts in the office but the community itself.
I mean, that’s the main focus point… right? I might be wrong. It is ambiguous. I do believe halo 5 is an amazing game, it does have its flaws much like any game, and much like any game it has massive room for improvement that shouldn’t be fixed within 2 months time of finally releasing something we all wanted. Some people won’t wait, and some won’t come back. Give the community what they want before they give up, it’s not to late make a great game better. But I could eat my words and In a weeks time you could prove me wrong and realize all the playlists, maps and features we’ve been waiting for, If that was the case I’ll be looking forward on eating my words.

yeah these forums have been giving 343 feedback constantly since launch and they havent done jack -Yoink-,

I mean from all these forums they choose to not put a single thing ANYONE wants in this month’s update?

I think in the February update they are adding in a dev made map that’s not a remix or forge because of the community.

> 2533275050532363;2:
> yeah these forums have been giving 343 feedback constantly since launch and they havent done jack -Yoink-,
> I mean from all these forums they choose to not put a single thing ANYONE wants in this month’s update?

  • Bug fixes (Will see in the patch notes)
  • A remix map that plays differently than its original
  • Assault variant of Noctus (Should have been in last months update but its here now)
  • Another needle firing weapon
  • Mk 5 Variant
  • Armour that can be unlocked through commendations

Wut? They are adding stuff we want…

I would agree with the statement:

‘‘They’re tuning the game based on feedback but not in a way that the majority of the community wants it to be altered’’

They seem to be turning around, most of us know that things take time, a lot of the negativity and anger about 343 has been down to to the poor communication and lack of responses.

Bravo did say that they would be doing more behind the scenes stuff and it seemed like they were tryi to be open about stuff, even if they can’t always talk about it for legal reasons and corporate bull.

I would really like to see them communicate more on improvements they are making regarding Matchmaking, Ranking System, etc. I really don’t care to hear about more re-skinned maps, Pizza & Rainbows! They have an entire section designated for Matchmaking Feedback that is filled (although not always constructively). It would be a nice change if they would respond with their thoughts as well.

I’m honestly fine with the slow burn of content they have going. But the only thing that is KILLING me is the lack of a searchable way to find maps that you mentioned. This was around almost 10 years ago with H3 so it’s omission now really renders the incredible improvements they made with Forge useless.

If people can make incredible things with the new forge tools but nobody can find them, it doesn’t matter. PLEASE PLEASE fix this 343.