Is 343i looks the forum?

Honestly, is 343i interested by their community ?

Ok they fix bundle price (20% discount) and for this we have to thank them ?!

I’m not going to list everything that has already been said here but everyone complain about the game, nothing seems good even on french forum (yeah i’m french so excuse me for the mistakes) people talking about what’s wrong with the campain/MP.

If 343i still don’t listening in the futur, they will lost their community.


I’m sure 343 is constantly pulling feedback from here, Reddit, and any other avenue of feedback. Just because they don’t post here, doesn’t mean they aren’t reading. Anytime they do make a post it’s usually met with a lot of toxicity. One of the few times Ske7ch replied to a thread in Reddit lead to the shutdown of the whole subreddit for the weekend. Infinite is in a pretty unfun state, and lots of folks use that as an opportunity to just spew toxicity especially toward anyone from 343.

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I know they don"t have to answer every complain post but they can at least take into consideration the returns of the players.

They definitely lurk.

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I believe a few of them visit many different sites, this one included to see what players think. I however do not blame them for not posting anywhere because these sites are honestly mostly hostile environments because everyone has a complaint and a rapid fire response for when it isn’t answered immediately but no actual criticism to give. It’s all just “I hate this, change it now or you’re a trash dev team.” or “I made this complaint 2 days ago 343, where’s my hotfix 343???”

Some people want instant changes that can’t be done, it’s a wonder 343 managed to get any changes or fixes through. They have to look at the bigger picture; it doesn’t matter if you don’t like the way the playlists are now. So long as they are functional, they have to worry about fixing BTB so more people can enjoy the game.

If you pay attention to what they say in their updates, their specific changes seem like direct responses to the loudest topics on this forum.

Zero people at 343 said you should thank them. Also, the mythic bundle was reduced by 50%, not 20.

Sketch probably had to start seeing a therapist from having to deal with these forums and then his employer slowly ruining one of the best FPS series ever. This man has to post that they have no idea how to fix BTB and face the shame and backlash at the same time hahaha. Well, we can at least give him a little credit for having the gull to stick with it.

You are right Ske7ch or whatever did work for Bungie first I am fairly sure and had to see them try to ruin Halo with Reach. Thankfully some real heroes came to save the franchise. He already addressed BTB issues though, they are working on it. Check the updates.

I think one of the reasons they get negative feedback when they post is because of some of the things they say.

In the Reddit post referenced in this thread some of the excuses being made just don’t hold up to scrutiny, what’s needed is more open and honest dialogue not trying to see what excuses you can get away with.

I’m not saying players should be rude or offensive to 343, they absolutely shouldn’t, but it’s important to remember that 343 released something that in their own words they knew wouldn’t be satisfying to their customers and they’ve said several things which are categorically false. If that is how you are going to treat your customers then you’re going to receive a backlash.

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