Is 343i listening to YouTubers and Waypoint members regarding Halo Infinite?

YouTubers like Sean W. Have devoted most of their channel to calling out 343i and are responded to by 343i. Shockingly they thank those people and say it gave them valuable input. With that said: are they listening to us and are they going to fix these problems?

Extremely doubtful. A lot of the issues major players and even popular youtubers have been complaining about regarding infinite multiplayer, such as challenges being the main way to get exp or the countless microtransactions, have made it into the game. Thus, a majority of the fan bases complaints and concerns have gone largely ignored.

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If I worked at 343i, and saw the type of feedback people gave in the forums, I wouldn’t be too inclined to listen. Too often have there been threads inflated with pessimism and outright dejection when encountering a decision they view as not right. It’s easy to whine on a forum, but putting together an entire scripted video on issues that need addressing tends to require more thought processing, and leads to more constructive points.

Perhaps it’s good that I don’t work there.

Yeah the people more likely to post are the ones who have a negative issue. And from what I’ve been reading it is mostly to do with the battlepass and some weapon balancing.

The BP does need addressing which they have done now with the added xp and they will no doubt review data regarding the weapons.

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The biggest problem facing the Halo Community right now is that:

  1. There’s not a lot of constructive feedback/criticism being given. People are endlessly complaining while giving no useful information on how to fix problems
  2. There’s no prioritization of any grievances. Just look at how many threads are dedicated to the battle pass, a system they’ve admitted isn’t working well and have told us they’re working on. I’m sure there are actual pressing gameplay issues that people are experiencing and we’re dedicating a lot of time to cosmetics.

They probably have a small team of people dedicated to keeping eyes on the community and filtering out the actual useful information from the drivel but some days its like looking for a needle in a haystack


There are some valid criticism in the forums and also Reddit believe it or not. But if they haven’t listened until here why start now?

There absolutely is but it’s hard to have an open, civil discussion when there’s a roar of people screaming at them for this that and the other. I get the criticism and to a large extent feel the same way but we need to convey our feelings towards 343i in a constructive way. They need information and clarity to make effective changes.