Is 343i fixing the matching code?

One of my biggest issues with Halo 4 is the amount of time it takes to get new games started after one ends. (Note that all of these comments refer to BTB experiences.)

Their matching system is just weird. It will say a bunch of people are incoming, and then they all disappear. Then more are “Incoming” and they’ll disappear. Usually when it’s taking a long time to find more people I find if I back out and enter a new search it doesn’t take very long to start a game.

It will start a search with 14 people to make it 16, and then take so long searching people start leaving. By the time the game finally starts we might only have 10 or 12, when we could have started with 14 immediately. I timed it once and it took six minutes to start a new game. Six minutes? Seriously? I know it’s big team, but BTB is the largest playlist and when you start with 10 or 12 people it shouldn’t take long to find enough people to start a new game.

The two most common reasons I stop playing on any given day are that it’s taking too long to start a new game or I’m having too many lag issues.