Is 343 industries really listening to the community?

They should have that in the store - “pay $30 dollars and 343 will take your feedback into consideration along with a bonus shoulder pad” bundle.

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Expecting a complete fix to the progression system within a week was a silly thing to begin with. Unfortunately for us all, players and 343 included, we just have to wait and see. Unfortunate for us because we are stuck with this bland and slow slog through the battlepass, and unfortunate for 343 as they get to see us endlessly rail against them on every social media platform until a true fix is implemented. Regardless, hope we get something better sooner rather than later.

Interesting read.
There is no way I’m giving 343 any extra money.
Talked with friends and we are also going to wait till theres campaign coop before buying that, if we even do.
Maybe this is all just a beta nightmare and we can wake up to the real infinite when it launches.
Man, first cyberpunk, now infinite


I actually thought MCC had a -Yoink!- UI but it did undergo anumber of changes. It also had awful awful carnage report (infinites carnage report somehow worse)

Reaches UI was very user friendly and carnage report was great, copy paste is fine in areas like UI.

You’re not alone. I’m gonna use my Game Pass first month trial for 1€ to play the campaign once, then if the game is good I’ll wait for coop to be added before buying it. And since I don’t like PvP nor Reach’s art style, I’m not gonna buy the first Battle Pass.

I agree and I’m staying optimistic in comparison Halo 5 was not really a complete game a good 6 months after release

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No they’re not. They ignored our pleas for a change with the progression system from the very first Halo Infinite Flight. and that’s the group THAT’S SUPPOSED TO GIVE FEEDBACK.

How much do you think they care about the average player if they won’t even listen to us?


This game is certainly not reaches artstyle dude hahaha

Reach had a great artstyle. This looks way worse than reach in a number of areas.

Explosions and particles far worse
Vehicles, way worse

Vehicles debris just awkwardly falls apart instead of a massive reach style explosion

Brutes look like they’ve been designed from the ground up to sell megablocks toys

The darker tones of reach and understated colours have been ditched in favour of plastic style art. It certainly isn’t like reach, the only reach like thing is the AR design and armor design, but not the actual finish on the armor.

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  • 343 I. discussed some of the technology they’re working on in order to implement a significantly upgraded version of Custom Skill Rank (CSR) during their “Matchmaking for Engagement: Learnigns from Halo 5” presentation. I imagine we’ll see them roll that out one day.

  • Player collisions are where it’s at.

  • Regarding graphics, ray tracing is in the works which would explain why things look…interesting for the time being.

  • Player inertia while strafing should be increased.

  • All the hit detection sound effects & kill confirmation sound effects should be programmed into one single slider in the audio settings in order to help out all the players who feel overwhelmed by the over stimulating soundscape. That way players can easily turn all that audio feedback down if they prefer. Programming some of those sounds into different sliders like the way things are now is over doing it.

Just give it some more time man, I know we all want things now as this is the new world we live in. I want “x” I go and get it right now. The 50xp was a hotfix and patched very fast, the bigger rework could take time, I remain optimistic that they are punching the numbers to find the firm but fair ground.

I personally am going to give it a few months post official release, having said that I am really enjoying the gunplay. It has been awhile since I have enjoyed a FPS that I can actually top the game mode board and feel like I am kicking -Yoink!-.

Please stay safe and healthy.


It’s hard to say, pre-launch they stated some …untruths regarding customization & progression, we are yet to get much of a response regarding progression besides the 50xp challenge which apparently takes longer than the previous daily challenges to level up

It seems we’ll have to see what happens in these next couple of weeks.

Agreed, their announcement and patch regarding the 50xp felt like a slap-in-the-face. Instead of an actual solution. Yeah, I applaud them for quick response, and if they had just left the 100xp alone. I might’ve been forgiving while waiting for a proper fix. But since they halved the xp. I’m not going to be as forgiving.

People don’t want things to happen now, but they want answers, genuine ones, they want transparent communication from 343i / Microsoft. They didn’t acknowledged many of players complaint, they avoid important subjects, so it feels sketchy.

Edit: And we (at least the majority of players I’ve seen talking about this subject) could’ve waited more for a good experience, we didn’t want the games to be released right now, we would have preferred the game to launch complete and polished, the 1 year delay wasn’t badly received from the community.

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That bandaid is because making a new progress system with ranks and pictures for ranks takes time. it’ll come, remember that this is a beta

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Oh yes, the lip service - the only live service you’ll get in 2021 from a AAA studio.


Not really. Its pretty frustrating.

For what it’s worth:

Been traveling so slow to respond - but please know the constructive feedback is being heard loud and clear. Changes will take time and our priority this week is giving the team a much deserved break for the holiday after a long final stretch. Thank you for understanding. @ ske7ch


343 only creates new multiplayer experiences like warzone to generate money, if they couldnt sell req variants in halo 5 warzone would never have existed

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I hate how they use community favourites to deliver this news, joe staten, ske7ch, these people are part of OUR community and we cant give them the flak for the game leads choices.
And i get the teams on holiday, but the community is on fire right now and theyre telling us to leave it a week and wait for some kind of news. The community needs addressing now! Allow the people modelling and 3d designing the break but get the community managers out and make then write 120 words on twitter, its not difficult. All we need is something from 343 and they always find a way to ignore us for as long as possible


The fact that dice day one was all over fixing broken things in bf2042 and is almost 3 patches in after just a few weeks and has constantly been updating the community about what’s being looked at and the plan of action. Everyone is mad still and its being fixed faster than this hot mess. The fact we got one tweet that was like we don’t care at the moment deal with it. Don’t get me wrong everyone needs time off the the community managers need to communicate something more than this.