Is 343 industries really listening to the community?

My issue is that the progression issue is everyone’s main concern when in reality it doesn’t affect how the game plays it just gives this perceived sense of achievement. It’s a gimmick, why shill so hard for it when there’s more important issues.

Each to their own I suppose

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To some people it is important. Some people want something to work towards. Some people want that process to be fun. Some people really enjoyed that system in the previous Halo games, and it’s gone now. And a sense of pride of armor that you worked hard for is also gone now. No one is going to feel a sense of accomplishment over an item they just straight up bought. But they used to over armor they had earned. Those feelings aren’t here, and some people cared about them.

To make a comparison, have you ever played an RPG? Often times when you get a fully leveled up well built character the game becomes boring, because you’re built so well the game is easy now. So why do people work so hard to get themselves in that position? Because working towards a goal can be very fun to some people. If it wasn’t, RPGs wouldn’t have levels at all. I know this isn’t an RPG, but the sense of progression in previous Halo games was similar in my opinion.

Of course, you’re free to disagree. I do hope a lot of your concerns are addressed, because I care about them too.

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I understand the feeling of achievement to a degree, but is grinding out a battlepass really an achievement?

Locking the armors behind skill based requirements or cool side things in the campaign like hidden achievements etc would be a better way to go. Then it’s actually an achievement, but that’s hardly been a thing since Halo 3


Yes, we gotta get a “sense of pride and accomplishment” :upside_down_face:

How difficult could it really be to switch xp progression from Challenges to Merit? I fear that challenges will kill the game before it starts. I hate completing random challenges and being rewarded for abandoning my team and the objective for selfish behavior. Doesn’t make me want to play. I would be hooked monetarily if xp was kills/wins/medals/objective based.

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It shouldn’t be that hard, considering they already have the medals in-game from the previous games. The mechanics all seem to be there for the core of said progression system. It’d mostly be down to modifying the UI.

If they can change the challenges to make them easier, and add xp per match, then they can certainly add “winning a match” as a permanent challenge for now. I want to see challenges go away entirely and have xp based on kills/objectives/medals/wins. Things that actually make players want to be better at the game.

They already have the medals in, so adding XP from them shouldn’t be too hard. Coming from someone who used to code Discord bots using Python, it shouldn’t be that hard to implement the core of an XP system for such things. Especially when you have such a system on a previous game. The problem I’d see is the UI for it, which again shouldn’t be too hard when you have a team doing it.

Yeah, but the problem is probably not the can, but the will.

And that is what we need to know, and are here speaking out to fix.

If it was only technical, they would probably already have talked about it, more clearly. I think they don’t want people to progress “too quick”.

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Well you might be right, but in that case, I think they should listen to players on this matter. Yeah, people don’t always know what they want, but if people aren’t happy, I don’t think it’s good to ignore them. You’re probably right, but I don’t know if it’s a good decision on their part.

Also, wouldn’t it be possible to scale how much XP you earned based on points so progression was similar to know for the average user? Maybe not, but I’d think it would be.


I think they know what we want, but they can’t answer many of the concerns, especially the financial aspect of the game. So xp is related because they sell xp boosts, challenge swaps to change challenges who gives xp too.
If people gets frustrated by the slowness of rewards, they may be enticed to pay to speed things up.

You might be right, but there is a saying that you’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Honestly, I don’t know much about flies, but I think there is a bit of truth to the meaning. In the short term frustration may get some people to cave, but if you can get people excited and interested they’ll likely be more likely to stick around, and that’s worth more than a quick buck in my opinion.

That’s what I think too, many people here too, but it seems they’re after others flies than the Halo fans, pandering to all of the F2P gamers who play Fortnite, Warzone or Apex, they sure spend so much money in these games, but in the end, even if they play, I don’t think they will stick by Infinite. I think that the best for all of us would be that they try to please us instead of frustrating us.

They don’t have a lot of the medals it seems, and also hand out medals for wayyyyyy -Yoink!- things now. Again, to cater to bad players and give them “good feelings”

Why is a sniper kill a medal…it used to only be for headshots?

Why is killing people with automatics anything worthy of a medal, it takes no skill

They removed some skill based medals and added in piss easy joke medals.

Not the end of the world but it just shows who they’re targeting

I don’t remember of many of them, which ones were removed?

Halo hasn’t been about pleasing halo fans since Halo 4 dude hahaha

It’s been about stealing other fans, which as we’ve seen from player counts. Doesn’t. Bloody. Work.

Halo 3 and reach had extremely loyal and long lasting bases, but it’s not enough for these companies, they’d rather steal other fan bases. But it will bite them in the -Yoink!- with infinite, since these crowds never stick around for more than a year and they plan to use infinite as the next 10 year halo or something…good -Yoink!- luck 343


Yeah I know :confused:

Exactly, they think they can gain a “new fanbase” who will be willing to play this game that long and spend cash as long too? They better do anything to keep their current one.

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Praise. Just praise to you.

There are SO MANY gameplay issues that aren’t getting a lot of attention (like the garage radar).

But honestly, it’s both gameplay AND progression/customization.

So many areas are half-baked, pulled from OTHER fps titles, and just straight up to make the game pander to as wide of an audience so they can maximize potential people who will pay for their trash.

They literally could have copied 80% of the interface, UI, progression, QoL, mode selection, etc (I can go on) from MCC and it would have been PERFECT.