Is 343 industries really listening to the community?

It seems like they just put a bandaid on the progression system (50xp per match), gave us a visor, and called it a day.


It’s hard to say how they’re really addressing the critical feedback on the progression system.
We know for a fact that they are listening, through evidence of what has happened with the MCC. There are some genuinely helpful and kind people on the team that I’ve talked to on the Support site. But I’ve never seen a studio efficiently handle an uproar like this before.

My view is to just wait 'til Infinite’s official release. If we were originally going to wait 'til December 8 for multiplayer, we can still wait that long for potentially better outcomes.


I think they’ll be like Bungie and say they’re listening but they just ignore us. I hate lip service but seems like the only service we get.


Why they listen to the community but I’ve heard they say they still have to meet their goals which “their” vision of the game.

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Judging by their past history, nah.


I have to say no.

This is a business that knows exactly what they’re doing. Personally, I’m tired of all these kids/teens making up excuses for the company’s deliberate poor actions.

343 isn’t a new developer people, and shops aren’t a new thing either. When a shop dictates a game’s direction… Houston we have a problem.


The fact they made a change within 3 days when, halo 4 took a few months to weapon rebalance(br was a 5 shot at launch) and halo 5 took like 5 months i think, yeah im inclined to think they are listening and gpijg to make adjustments. And i feel once it officially launches as well they will be able to do a bit more.

More so me holding out hope, bit agaain, 3 days now compared to months prior. And mcc for theblast few years as well. More inclined to think they reallybare tqking feedback

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Companies listen to dollar signs, the only reason companies listen to your voice, is to see if you’re displeased enough to stop spending money.


They won’t be listening to feedback, as we’ve seen in the flights. They’ve also started locking topics criticizing the predatory monetization system. What a great company.


Once the people who are going to “whale” and buy their way to the top of the Battle Pass stop doing so, they’ll probably adjust things to make the rest of us happy. Right now I suspect there’s too many people buying their way to 100 for 343 to care. Money talks, and some people want this type of grind/monetization, because then it makes the armor they paid for more “exclusive”. I don’t like it, but it seems it’s the way it is.

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They don’t even give some of us a chance to spend money. None of the store items work with MK V [B]. It’s not even a matter of being displeased (which I am), there is simply nothing for MK V [B] users to buy. We’re just stuck with less customization.


“We’ll be watching these changes closely to make sure they have the positive impact we all want on your progression. This is only our first step - we are committed to continue evolving these systems but it will take time. Thanks for joining our beta, and keep the feedback coming!” @ Unyshek

In fairness, quickly changing the entire economy upon which the game is designed is impossible. I’m sure it won’t satisfy a lot of people, but I think all they can do for now is fiddle with the knobs.

Taking them at their word, we’ll have to see what they change in the long run and whether or not they’ll do it quickly enough to please.

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The flight report is amazing compared to most studios and the turn around for them making changes is quick. So given it’s been a week, I’m not THAT worried about how it’ll work out going forward.


you do realize that big changes like a completely overhauled progression system can’t be made in just a few days? you are able to comprehend the amount of work something big like this requires, right???

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Would a daily objective to win matches in addition to what we have take a lot of work? That’d be a temporary solution to their being no incentive to win matches.


Theyre certainly watching.

I guess you lived under a rock the whole year - otherwise I wouldn’t figure why you missed the monthly Inside Infinite blogposts and every #Ask343 video blog.

Judging by your statement it seems that you’ve been the one not listening to 343i LMAO

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No, because the battlepass grind is one of the smallest concerns in the sea full of them.

They would probably listen more if the content creators like Ubernick and HiddenXperia would also keep talking about these things, but they are too busy talking about how great the game is now after they got a early access to the campaign. Honestly the timing is a bit sus on that imo


The fix was indeed a band-aid fix. 343 has been open about how it was a temporary fix till they can overhaul the system.