Is 343 gonna remove the daily xp cap?

Are they going to continue with the daily xp cap it’s really pointless and they’re just punishing people for wanting to play basically.

What is the limit?

Idk what the limit is, but it was capped at SR24/25 yesterday so whatever many points that is

They really need to it’s making me mad just capped at 29 from 25 its really annoying… if i wanna play all day and get xp i should be able to…

It would be nice if I could play but if I do, I’m going to lose out on double exp games I worked to get!

WTF!? Didn’t they learn anything from Reach? Stop screwing over legit no life players who want their -Yoink- XP!

.Yeah who cares about XP boosting anyway? As long as people dont cheat in ranking. Maybe its just cuz of the Double XP dew stuff?

Is so stup I can’t believe they would do this, they advertise all this double experience jus so I can get maybe a good 2 hours of xp

I’m a grinder, it’s what I do, I stay up 3 days in a row to max my level and what do they? They -Yoink- block guys like me do everyone gets a chance at leveling up

They should’ve put the path profiles in and did it like halo 3, that way diehards like me can play all they want and keep facing competitive players

This is limited, sure 343 it was easy, but damn you’ve lost alot of people, good loyal fans, I’m
Damn close myself, I love halo and I’ve stuck with it for years, but why the hell would you do that to hardcore gamers like me? Come on! Fix it! Please!

The funny thing is that they can patch ppl changing time zone to avoid this problem, yet they don’t take off the limit let alone incearce the amount u can earn, I’m a lvl 38 I’ve maxed out every single day, I guess they want ppl to buy black ops 2.