Is 343 disconnected from the Halo community?

It seems to me that 343 is disconnected from the Halo community and what it wants. Rather they seem to want to give us what they think will make money.

I mean, they felt compelled to give us a reason why red spartans fight blue spartans. Let me tell you why 343, because they are on opposite teams of a matchmade xbox live video game.

I hope you take the forum seriously. Look at what happen to Reach. Bungie just laughed at the community and called them a minority and polar extremes of the market.

You work for microsoft so I’m sure you like making money, so make a game that people will enjoy and keep playing. Maybe they will actually buy the DLC. What do you think Halo community? Do you think that 343 will listen NOW?

I do think 343 listens. But they are trying to go in a new direction. I am very skeptical with those Loadouts and stuff, but maybe in the end it will be a lot of fun and then 343 can say: “See people, we brought you a great game, we told you!” I just hope they will bring a “Classic Playlist” that would make it so much easier…

Reach was a good game, but no where close to old Halo games

People are acting like 343 know nothing about Halo, but what they fail to realise is that 343 is entireley made up of Halo fans.

oh theyre listening, and theyre rubbing it in our faces because they know no matter how horrible the multiplayer is, most people will get it to continue Chief’s story. they are saying “-Yoink- you, i know you arnt going to like the game, but we do, and we are the ones making it, you dont matter to us”

Not sure how I feel about that

No, they listen to the community and respond to them all the time. Well, at least on NeoGaf…

There never is at ANY point in time except for kickstart devs where 343 or other devs go out to the community and say Hey guys we wanna make a halo game tell us how to do everything. NO that dosnt happen these people make halo how they want because they work for Microsoft. I know for a fact 343 reads these fourms but its there game. All of these whiners havnt even touched the game for half a second let along seen a few mins of gameplay. These people say they love halo i belive them. If you dont like halo 4 dont buy it. They will be looking at sales numbers TRUST ME.

I think that they are disconnected from the community, mainly because they are banning people for voicing criticism over the decisions that are appearing to be making.

Not really disconnected from the community… From the sounds of the leaks they are disconnected from making a proper Halo game.

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