is 130 max rank?

i looked for an answer to this for a while but couldn’t find it due to either stupidity or clumsiness. basically the thing is, i’m at sr-115 right now because i have no life and play ops all day. i have one specialization left, so at sr-130 i will have finished all available specializations, which i believe is the same thing capping other people at 70. so is 130 it? i mean the gameplay is decent but its nowhere even close to halo 3 and without being able to rank up it honestly feels kinda pointless so if 130 is the end of the game and there’s nothing else left after that i’ll probably just stop playing. i like unlocking stuff big whoop wanna fight about it? i know i’m not the only one who’s getting up there, relatively soon a lot of people are going to start hitting that cap. i saw that they’re putting out 4 episodes of spartan, maybe they’re putting out some more specializations with them? please 343???

130 is the max from what I know and have seen from other forum members. Hope this info helps!

Don’t know about extra specs, but knowing these money grubbing a-holes, it will probably be another failed DLC add-on or it may not even come at all. No real word on that, sorry.

im 130 and have been for a little while. yah its the max but im still playing for commendations. also they will be having 5 more episodes of spartan ops starting in late january after the infinity challenge is over. also they have said for many months that there would be 10 episodes to spartan ops season 1. there is a possibility for new specs but i dont think it would be until Feb when the next DLC comes out but i dont believe that they would have any extras that come with them just the levels.