Irrogant but truth

I find it funny how so many people say, “Halo is set 500 years in the future. Why do they use such primitive weapons? That doesn’t make any sense.” The funny thing is that if you said this, you don’t know much about the Halo storyline. If you have said this before, then this post is for you. Humans had a time of peace for a very long time. In that time period, there was no need for weapons or anything like that. That means that they probably didn’t do anything with weapons for that time period. When the rebels started to do their thing, the UNSC probably had to pull out the only weapons they had which were the primitive ones. For anyone who hates Halo Legends, it has some very useful stuff in it. This is proof, but I know books talk about this too.

And the fact the weapons, if by modern standards, would be highly effective. by 500 years in the future standards, of course they feel like they suck.

They also have to be dumbed down for gameplay. It would be a bit unfair if a Plasma Pistol could headshot or caused death over time on an unshielded bodyshot.

And the fact that technologically we are a slow race. Weapons haven’t changed that much since the first gun. I wouldn’t say there was a long period of peace, a hundred years at most, maybe a decade or so of peace scattered around.

I’d have to disagree. Even during periods of peace, America still funds a huge defense budget. We’re always looking for the better gun. We’re currently working on electromagnetic weapons that would have incredible power and accuracy with very little recoil. Not only this, but electromagnetic technology has a future in all other sorts of other things, so even if they stopped making guns, they would be able to adapt the technology very quickly. The guns are the way they are for game balance reasons.

How about the covenant? They are extremely warlike, and in the game their main plasma weaponry sucks. Get over it guys, it’s not that big of a deal. Reading about the tech in TFoR I remember all sorts of things about the effect of plasma and all that that was completely different from the game. It’s REALLY not that big of a deal. We can suspend disbelief for the game can’t we?

[Also you might want to change the title, it’s kind of an ironic typo.]

The Covenant’s technology is adapted from other tech they have found, they don’t do anything on their own. That’s part of why our weapons suck, we do things on our own, and we’ve had no alien technology to work with.