Iratus Is A Treat

He’s allowed to get excited over something though.


Not around here he’s not


Those who have an issue with it can kiss by rear lol

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No one care’s were almost into June and for the entire month since season 2’s launch there hasn’t been a single weekly update?

So long as we continue to buy product, I guess nothing will change. Why would they bother if such small additions warrant such approval. As short term as it is.

Buddy, missing one weekly update doesn’t signify the end of Halo. Maybe you need to broaden your horizons. Try new games.

I just know obsessing over this game isn’t healthy. Just look at twitter. So many people going mad over Halo Infinite’s failure.

Most people moved on. It’s just so tiring hearing about failure after failure.

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4 weeks, 4 weekly updates.

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