Iooking for a Machinima team.

Hello everyone, my team needs people for our Machinimas, we have one serous and one that’s more comical in the planing stage.
We need body actors that are willing to play background characters. (if you have the right armors you can play main-characters when they are needed)
Voice actors are welcome, they are not the biggest priority at this time, but the more the better.
P.S.:You can message me on Xbox or kik if i don’t get on after you’re reply to this topic or personal messages.
P.P.S: My kik is P.F.Agent_Oregon

You got a YouTube channel people can check?

Not yet just started our first project.

> 2533275000403129;3:
> Not yet just started our first project.

Alright, thats cool.
If you need extra help, there’s the Machinima Hub Discord. Whole bunch of guys there who can help too.

Ok, thanks Orca.