Invisible Spartans Charge - ISC

Hi. I am BlearInvisible and I have severed my social time from Destiny and wish to make the permanent switch to Halo 5 Guardians on 27 October 2015. This is when I will also get my limited addition Halo 5 Guardians Console ( am a very big fan of the franchise ) though a cautious buyer (I didn’t buy the MCC ).

I bought the game, pre-ordered my xbox 1, and you are now my missing ingredient if you are reading my post. I want to form a Clan/Team to form part of my competitive multi-player social team. I am not looking for professional players, leaders, ragers (for the lack of a better word ), or ill tempered/mannered players but rather calm, collected, driven, willing to learn and lead in a progressive way with a vision to create a professional team sort of players to compete in E-Sports in the future.

Does that sound like you? Do you live in Europe? Then kindly reply to this post for us to organise ourselves. I live in the UK and can’t wait for the Halo campaign and the multi-player game modes. Lets get talking!