Invisible Map Glitch

What the hell is going on? I’ve seen a few players do this now, where they go invisible and do not appear as many dots on the mini map…

It’s been happening since launch. I don’t think I have ever actually seen it, but it’s a known problem. 343 has acknowledged it and they are looking into it.

I have yet to run intothisglitch either. Does anyon have video ofit? The few times I thought it happened to me it was just someone using stealth and me running around blindly with pro vis not really paying attention.

I left a match cause that happened to me, Dominion on Exile… pissed me off… Look around, usually expecting some invisi or a person when the rest are fighting over the middle base… went up A thru the easy way… took me out one shot… guessing Sniper didn’t hear a BS charge… Nice to know this is a for sure thing… wonder if camping in a corner has anything to do with it.

Edit: Maybe 343I will make AC a pickup now

Yeah this is not cool, just found this.

I’m glad I’m not the only one this has happened to.

Made Dominion almost unplayable for me.
Corner-camo-camp is quite aggravating at the best of times, made worse when your motion tracker doesn’t pick up anything.

I have a game where a player (Trifon 34) is doing this, maybe unintentionally, but he doesn’t appear on my radar at all whilst wandering around crouched and invisible. Is this an intentional game mechanic?

I’d upload it to File Share, but that isn’t working right now.

If they hadn’t had put an already OP AA in the game we wouldn’t have this issue. Camo should always be a pickup.