Invincible Sgt. Johnson?

Will Johnson be invincible in CEA?

Seeing as he wasn’t invincible in CE for whatever reason, possible technical limitations or maybe because Bungie didn’t know he would soon play a role as one of the main protagonists. Another question is if he’ll sport his original gray outfit or his recent Halo 3 attire.

He won’t be invincible as far as I know. Comfirmed by OXM #76. But what he’ll look like in the final game I don’t know. At the moment he looks like an army trooper with a hat from Halo: Reach.

I think he wasn’t because they didn’t know he would really become a character he wasn’t even Sgt. Johnson back then they just called Master Sergeant I think. As far as CEA he probably won’t be either seeing as how is almost the same as the original.

He won’t be invincible, you can see his dead body on the latest OXM scans. Those pictures were slightly dated though, as they still sported the Reach assault rifle, so as to what he will look like is currently a mystery.

I don’t think so, because he wasn’t in the original. But I would like to see the 2011 version finalized. And if he does become invincible, I welcome it.

Invincible Sgt Johnson = Ally who lasts longer than the first room in Truth and Reconciliation.

If they did it the distractions he will cause Zealot/Stealth Elites will be absolutely ridiculous.

Pretty sure he wont be in the gray outfit due to many things besides Halo 2 and 3.

Harvest for example (see avatar) which is before CE canon-wise, in which he wore a green outfit.

I think that he will be like he was in the 2001 game bot invincible and it also would be fun if you can have two of him riding around in the Warthog on the second mission (Halo) like you could in the 2001 version

He somehow survived the destruction of Halo at the end of the first campaign, if that isn’t invincible I don’t know what is.

He got away from the explosion. He was in a pelican and met up with the Chief’s longsword. Hijacked a covenant capital ship and went back to earth… after he helped destroy -Yoink- loads of covenant ships and the Unyielding Hierophant.

That -Yoink- was tough, it’s a shame he died from a laser to the back of the face.