Investigation: H5's Narrative Team

Please note: This is an update to my previous thread from about a year ago.

Because these people are fundamental to all things story-related in Halo 5 (and beyond) I wanted to keep track of 343’s narrative team as of now.

Let’s start with the team responsible for Halo 4’s narrative - according to the Halo 4 credits:

Halo 4

Narrative Director
Armando Troisi
Narrative Designers
Christopher Schlerf
Lindsay Lockhart (Insight Global)
Nathan Moller (Insight Global)

Interestingly Reed is listed under ‘franchise developement’:

Lead Producer
Kevin Grace
Tyler Jeffers
Jeremy Patenaude
Brian Reed
Corrinne Robinson

So let’s have a look what I found regarding Halo 5…

Halo 5

Let’s start with the people responsible for Halo 4 (see above):

Brian Reed is for all we know ‘lead writer’ for Halo 5 – it’s interesting that neither his Twitter account nor Linkedin account does give away any job title anymore (the latter just says ‘writer’). Also interesting is that he creates ‘content for both Halo games’.
Experience: Comic book writer Marvel Comics, writer Halo: Fall of Reach [Comic], lead writer of Spartan Ops, writer Halo: Initiation, writer Halo: Escalation (issues 7-10)

Armando Troisi
Narrative director at 343 from July 2011 - April 2013. Left 343 to work for Black Tusk, now at Fathom Interactive.

Christopher Schlerf
Senior writer at 343, created the original draft of the Halo 4’s script. Also writer for Halo: Escalation (issues 1-6).
Left 343 in November 2013.

Lindsay Morgan Lockhart
Narrative designer for H4 (contract) - according to her Linkedin profile still working for 343.
Experience: Worked for Sony Online Entertainment / Sigil Games Online, social flash MMO City of Eternals, story lead Rift

Nathan Moller
Narrative designer for H4 (contract) - according to his Linkedin profile after one year pause again working for 343 (rejoined team in January 2014).
Experience: Cinematic, Narrative and Level Design duties for Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Star Wars: Old Republic and Scribblenauts

Based on my little investigation it’s safe to assume that there has been a lot of change to the narrative team since H4. Both the narrative director and the guy responsible for the H4 script left.

I digged a little deeper found new faces:

Guillaume Colomb (Linkedin)
Narrative Designer for ‘the next Halo’.
Experience: Trion Worlds (Defiance), Ubisoft (Ghost Recon), Eden Games (Alone in the Dark 5)

Patrick Downs (Linkedin)
Narrative Designer für H5 ‘as well as another unannounced project’.
Experience: Avalanche Studio (unannounced AAA action-adventrue sandbox game), Gameloft (Avatar, Chuck Norris, CSI: Miami, Spider-Man), short film Broken

Caleb Doughty (Linkedin)
Narrative Designer at 343.
Experience: Cinematic/Level Designer for diverse mobile and handheld-games

Note: Kristina Drzaic (Linkedin) fromer writer for Bioshock Infinite only had a short stay at 343i – is now working as a Senior Narrative Designer for Amazon Studios.

What happened to Kevin Grace and the others on the Franchise development team? Besides Brian Reed.

> 2533274800962187;2:
> What happened to Kevin Grace and the others on the Franchise development team? Besides Brian Reed.

Sry I only listed the Franchise development team because Reed was part of it… didn’t look into it (concentrated on the narrative team).

Another thing that is unrelated to the narrative team: Some of you probably heard that Tim Longo (Creative Director Tomb Raider reboot; Republic Commando) joined 343i… he’s now Creative Director.

Christopher Schlerf is now lead writer for new Mass Effect game

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