Inverted Aim Bug Halo Infinite

I play inverted vertical axis only, when ever i rotate the aim stick, with inverted vertical axis on and the horizontal axis off, it rotates the reticle on screen in the opposite direction. so when trying to rotate the stick on the controller clockwise the reticle on screen rotates counter clockwise and when i rotate the stick clockwise the reticle rotates counter clockwise, always occurs and the it doesn’t seem to matter how fast or slow i try to rotate the stick. I play using an xbox elite controller i was just wondering if others had a similar experience

i have a few friends who play on PC whom don’t play inverted but i asked to switch to inverted to see if it happens to them and they said it did as well. while it doesn’t make the game unplayable it certainly makes it frustrating when your aim is constantly off.


Like and a bump for reporting an actual problem just so this does not get lost under the 900 identical post about mtx.

thanks mate, i also submitted a ticket first for those who are going to tell me to do so

Based on the settings you have just listed, when your joystick goes from Down to Left to Up (clockwise) You go Up to Left to Down (counter clockwise) Sounds like the vertical invert controls are working perfectly. Not sure of the problem you are seeing.

when i go Down to Left to Up, the reticle goes Up to Right to Down and vice versa as if i had both my vertical and horizontal axis inverted, i encourage everyone to test it for themselves and repost if they have a different experience it would be easy to test for

But, down, left, up is clockwise, and up, right, down, is also clockwise. I thought your problem was it went the opposite direction? You are playing on a controller? I also play inverted, since Goldeneye. Infinite doesn’t feel any different, or wrong.

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perhaps yeah my terminology could be off but it feels different than the other halo as i said it as if i have both axis inverted instead of one and yeah i’m playing on an elite controller

All I know is, if you have inverted the vertical, and spin the stick clockwise, the reticle will go counter. This is correct.

But of course, since I play inverted, I don’t think of it as, up and down. I see it as, lean forward (head down) and lean back (head up).