Is there anyone out there that is on myside of bringing back invasion. Spartans vs elites was the greatest playlist to hit halo. Just have the same style as reach with load outs and all.

That’s a sneaky way of avoiding the “I want Elites back” thread lol

Don’t get me wrong I love elites. I would even love playing as brutes too. I love invasion the way it held 3 different objectives and map advancement. I just thin it would be awesome cause we have the space in the game to make it more.

Well since it would be nearly impossible for 343 to add in elites in halo 5, it could just be red vs blue. It would still be mostly the same, but without elites

Maybe in Halo 6, though I doubt it. I was an awesome game mode though

Warzone Assault.

It sucks but it is basically the same thing minus the ‘Carry core to back to certain point’ objective, instead it’s just destroy the core (which is similar to the Assault segment)

According to 343i, nobody liked invasion, which is why they didn’t bring it back. Just like how nobody wants black undersuits.