Invasion w/ A.I. Bots

Would invasion be good with A.I. Bots on your team?

Think about…(If you ever played it) Star Wars Battlefront
They used AI bots in there game to give off a more ‘‘Im in a war’’ feeling …

Here is how it should be there should be 50 AI bots In each team 100 total

Humans Marine AI:
15 with assault rifle
10 with pistol
5 with heavy weapons (Laser,Rockets)
5 with snipers
5 with DMR’s
5 with shotgun
5 with grenade launchers

Elite AI:
15 with plasma repeater
10 with plasma pistol
5 with heavy weapons (Plasma Launcher,Fuel Rod)
5 with focus rifles
5 with Needle Rifle
5 with Energy Sword
5 with concussion rifle

Should this and could this please be added… If not then why not ?

as much as i love battlefront 2, i dont think this would work in reach well. the reason it worked in battlefront 2 was because the entire game was built around it, and in order for it to work correctly in halo either gameplay would have to be overhauled for those gametypes or it would have to be naturally in the gameplay.