To me everything but the campaign in H4 was a big letdown!

Oh…Invasion…my favourite gametype in Halo: Reach…where is it…yeah thats right it’s not there anymore!
Why 343i cant you just take the good things of Halo: Reach and implement them in Halo 4?
I think Invasion would still work without elites, just add the core and give the defenders power weapons and the attacker vehicles

Oh the Maps…I dont like them, makes me feel like I’m playing CoD, almost every Map feels the same and there is almost no variation, they are too tiny, I once played with a friend on Haven and I cant count the amount if times he spawned 10m away from we after I killed him and had no shield.
Since the maps are so tiny, vehicles almost have no use in this game, banshees get shot within a few seconds if the enemy team doesnt ignore it completly
And why…why is there no falcon?! Seriously it was my favourite vehicle in Invasion…the best thing was if you were on the spire the guy with the core could jump on it and just get to down to the pelican/phantom…now the only air vehicle is the banshee

Forge improved a bit in some things, but I still think Halo:Reach’s forge was just better, I think you cant even use as much as objects as you could before and the old forge world was just much much bigger and you could do soooo many things, of course now not all objects look the same in terms of colour but if they would mix the forge of Reach with the forge of Halo 4…I would be as happy as a 5 year old kid getting his presents in christmas

All in all this are just some improvemts I want to see, I know that this game has many more issues but these just bother me the most, since its 343i first big game, I can understand it but I hope they change some things…