Invasion Tweaks That Are NEEDED

  • Remove DMRs and Needle Rifles from all tier 1 rounds as pick ups or starters.
  • Give us the option to not spawn so that we don’t get spawn killed instantly by cowards who think they are pro or to change our spawn location or give us the ability to spawn anywhere we choose within the spawn area.
  • If 2 or more people on one team quit the game just have the game end so that one team isnt severely handicapped.

Simple Enough

I cannot condone this.

I agree with reaper. I’d say a good team that can coordinate can win with 4 people down, even with spawn campers. I suggest you run with more friends when possible.

The option of not spawning is a terrible idea, pick a person to spawn on, or spawn in a different area. If you’d rather not spawn you should do the other players a favor and quit out.

I think you will have a better chance to be heard if you were at on the Optimatch forums.

I think that it is just fine. They should only just add 15bullet DMRs to 1st tier in Spire.