Invasion: Scarab

Imagine Invasion, but the attacking team takes down a Yoink!-ing Scarab!

How 'bout some Invasion Firefight?

I can’t imagine it being fair for the attacking team unless they were given explosive ordinance.

They have to fix invasion before they can add more to it.

> They have to fix invasion before they can add more to it.

How does Invasion need fixing other than adding more maps to it?

In theory, it could be fun. However, some things need to be done in order for the game to be balanced.
Huge, open-world maps with geographical features that can help the attacking team. The Scarab need some time to move around so that the games can vary a bit. Top of my head, I’m thinking cliff-formations that are about the same height as the Scarab so that the attackers can jump onto the Scarab.

Attackers need tons of vehicles. Falcons, Warthogs, Mongeese and any new vehicles. In case they’re ever gonna board the Scarab, they’ll need players who can do the good old “shoot the knees”-tactic, but I personally think it would be fun if we could use aerial attacks as well to insert the troops on the upper decks directly.
However, there are some questions that need to be resolved in order for it all to work. First off, should the defenders be able to steer the Scarab? On the one hand, this could lead to internet-d*ckery of epic proportions if someone decides to steer the Scarab into a dumb position. Furthermore, if the defenders are allowed to steer the scarab, there’s a risk they may start camping and render the level design useless (specifically thinking of my cliff-suggestion). On the other hand, I can imagine it’d be pretty annoying knowing that your team’s fate is in the hands of an automated Scarab-route.
Any thoughts?

> How 'bout some Invasion Firefight?

Isn’t that called campaign?

What about taking New Mombasa from Halo 2 and turning that into an Invasion game? There’d be a programmed Scarab that has a set path in the game, and it counts as one of the Elite’s spawn areas… For each phase, the scarab would move along a programmed path, and would eventually stop before reaching the Spartan’s objective zone, making it slightly easier for Elites to capture it… To counter this, the Spartans would have enough firepower to actually stop the Elites, and would be capable of boarding the Scarab in order to impede the Elites from spawning close to the objective.

I dunno, I need to gather my words more, but I think some people get the idea.

> > How 'bout some Invasion Firefight?
> Isn’t that called campaign?


I mean the attacking team would have Warthogs of all sizes, a Scorpion, etc., and just like in Halo 3 they’d have to aim for the legs to lower it, invade it as a squad, and then punch its power source. I think that could be fun!