Invasion Remake (WIP)

Hey guys, I’ve just finished crafting an Invasion remake. Most of the gametype is built into the map but play is recommended with the gametype. A bit of tweeking still needs to be done and weapon layout needs to be fixed but as a proof of concept I’m releasing it.

Invasion Map:

Invasion Gametype:

A quick overview for how “invasion” works in H5.

Players spawn on opposite sides of the map. Red team defends for the time of the game and blue team assaults the 4 switches and final structure that has a fusion coil protected by two destructible floors. As the game progresses, blue team will continue to spawn in the same area and use teleporters to travel further, while red teams spawns move using spawn volumes.

If you want to deconstruct my map to learn what I did, feel free.
I hope you all enjoy Invasion and please leave feedback and ideas below.

  • Hiralis