Invasion: Presidio, Gust, Closure and more! Come check out mine and DTJV SBD's maps!

Hey what’s up Waypoint?

I’m back with DTJV SBD and we need some feedback on some maps. Here are links to the maps. Download em, check em out and add me or him so we can have a couple matches on them. Most are 4v4. I have one that would be better for 6v6-8v8, but it would work on 4v4 and a brand new Invasion map: Presidio.

[New>>]Presidio (Only supports it’s own gametype at the moment)
[[New>>]Invasion: Presidio Gametype
[url=> MTL](> MTL[/url)
Closure (4v4 Team Slayer)
[Gust (4v4-6v6 Team Slayer, CTF)
[url=> MTL](> SBD[/url)
Vigilance (4v4+ Team Slayer, Territories)
[Terrace (4v4 Team Slayer)
[url=> SBD](> MTL[/url)
How to: The middle of Closure
[url=> MTL Here are links directly to the maps on a different site. There are pictures and details about them there. Closure: [](
So that’s all for now, we’re still working on 2-3 other maps at the moment but these ones are pretty much done.
We’re testing Presidio today with a bunch of people so if anyone wants in add Kris MTL or DTJV SBD. Cya around guys!