Invasion needs more love

Invasion is arguably Bungie’s last and most diverse gametype created, and the lack of representation is poor to say the least. Shelving it in ranked marginalizes the player pool to the point where it would (probably already has) implode. It’s dead because there was never a consistent base to begin with.

It’s awful the lack of representation despite there being more than enough alternative gametypes (inv slayer/inv skirmish) available to use to diversify the game pool. Whether it be to move to social or whatever Invasion needs extra love.


I’d Argue what needs to be done is expand the mode to include Halo 4 and H2A Multiplayer as was done with Escalation Slayer, since the systems and features needed to add the mode back in for Social Matchmaking are there.

doing so would essentially revitalize and diversify the entire mode with the addition of more games, and from there it would also open the door to make newer variations based around each of the games unique qualities on top of the existing Invasion framework.

I agree, it should have never been a ranked mode at all.

I agree. Have been saying for a long time that Invasion should be in Social. Wish I was in charge of playlists.

Also, ideally make a version of Invasion in as many titles as possible.

You can make a 6v6 social lobby with 6v6 gametypes, and just include Invasion (and its other gametypes) as the Reach option.

H4 had a 6v6 gametype. Halo 3 used to also.

Yes, but invasion is a single gametype as opposed to the many 6v6 (5v5 in Halo 3) gametypes that existed for those titles.

The more games capable to have it as an available gametype, even with the differences between them, the more overall variety the single mode has in social 6v6 alongside those other gametypes.

There is also Invasion Slayer and Invasion Skirmish; two slayer-based Invasion gametypes