Invasion Maps Need a Fix

I played a game last night against a party of 4 high ranked players(and they all had the same symbol, it was so cute!). My team attacked first and my battle buddy and I had a feeling they were going to wait for our banshee. The first tier was hard fought but we got it. The second tier went much quicker and I figured it was because 1 or 2 were waiting for the banshee. Well I was wrong… The entire party of 4 was there waiting to steal our vehicles, with the rocket launcher. My battle buddy and I quickly spawned to fight them off. However, a 2v4 battle is tough odds, even for us. Blood, sweat, and tears were shed on the battlefield in those 40 seconds till the banshee spawned. We would kill 1 or 2 before they killed us but they would spawn again at the same time we did. It was an epic skirmish worthy of story and song. By pure chance, the banshee spawned just as my battle buddy was in position. He quickly jumped in and took off to keep from getting jacked. We did it, we held the power vehicle! It felt like the end of the campaign when the Pillar of Autumn takes off and as Noble Six, you know you’ve done your duty and you can finally relax even if it’s just for a few moments. And we weren’t the only ones doing our duty. My battle buddy flew over the enemy’s spawn to discover our teammates had the core half way to the goal. The enemy was so blinded by their own greed that they left their 2 teammates defending the core against our 4. In the final seconds of the game, we were proud of what we accomplished and made fun of the other team for being so arrogant. In the end, we won the war at 3 to 2.

I’ve been playing the new invasion maps for a while now and I’ve noticed how at least one person from every game just loves to steal the banshee as a spartan. Well this needs to stop. It wasn’t so bad when it mostly happened on Spire but it is getting ridiculous. Now I know some of you may think that it is all part of the game to wait and steal the opposite team’s banshee but I must disagree. It’s taking away from the mechanics of the invasion gametype. Instead of a strong defense versus a strong offense, it has become a game about who can steal the banshee and get a lot of kills. The defending team is all too happy to let the first two tiers fall for a chance at the banshee. Thus it is ruining the fun that was invasion.

Many of you know how difficult it is stealing or killing a banshee as an elite. Whereas the spartans get a laser, sniper, rocket, and grenade launcher to take down a banshee (all neatly tucked away behind protective shield so elites can’t get them), the elites only have a plasma pistol. The plasma launcher won’t lock on, the beam rifle won’t do damage, and it’s pretty hard to stick a pilot who knows what he’s doing. Of course I won’t grip if the defending team sky jacks the banshee because at least the elites have a chance with it. It would be the pilot’s fault for flying too low. My issue is when spartans wait at the vehicle spawn.

And there are many easy solutions to this problem. The map can be changed by adding a soft kill zone so the spartans can’t wait in the vehicle spawn. Or a 1-way shield could be placed in front of the vehicles. Or the vehicles can be put on a small cliff as in Breakpoint. Another solution is to add a weapon for the elites that can easily kill the banshee. For example instead of the plasma launcher, how about a laser. Something that makes it a bit easier for the elites to take down the banshee when people are only thinking of themselves.

Please 343i, read my words and balance the invasion maps.

This is my only issue with invasion as well. Spartan vehicles are tucked away behind 1 way barriers while the banshee is open to anybody. With the near instant energy regen of the banshee (boosting+evasive maneuvers) it is very hard to lock on with the plasma launcher. Covenant weapons in reach are unbearably weak compared to their human counterparts.

I don’t think it matters too much, since spartans have the laser and scorpion/falcon on these maps anyway. Its very hard for an elite to contest in a banshee vs these. Its why I like boneyard, the elites have a chance to grab snipers/lasers if any spartans take the banshee.

It’s Invasion, Elites are invading Spartan bases most of the time and it’s like invading a country. The invaders only have ships and their weapons they don’t have time to build bases to protect their ordnance. So it wouldn’t be much like Invasion if the Invaders had bases like the Defenders.