[Invasion Map] Fortress

So here’s a Invasion map I made way back in September. It took me a couple weeks to make, and is fully compatible with the Invasion gametype.

My inspiration started out as a gate. Then it grew into the fortress’ interior. That became the 2nd Phase and 3rd Phase battle ground. I had to make a starting area, and so that’s what the Elite’s spawn area/ 1st Phase area became.

The gate is my pride and joy. Using some tutorials Bungie posted about Invasion, I made that gate fully functional. When/ if the Elites take one of the two territories acting as the shut-down mechanisms for the energy barrier, once Phase 2 began, the gate would be opened and the Elites allowed entry.

Here’s my Fileshare link: http://www.bungie.net/Stats/Reach/FileDetails.aspx?fid=2526058&player=EpicGamerMonkey
> Unfortunately, you’ll have to download it since I don’t have any screenshots or fly-through videos to preview it.

ill get back to u