Invasion in multiplayers !

Hello I am French so the translation with google will be ugly x).
It will be good for that type of party “invasion” back on halo 4 and halo xbox one. But since 343 industry does not want elite playable, just make red vs blue. This type of game has been loved by so many people including me è_é.
I do not know where and how to have 343 industry will see the message and apply. I leave has an American or English (Yeah forum halo is not French) is busy doing what it takes for us to review the “Invasion” type.


and also introduce the world map forge, which was better: bigger, beautiful, golfing and there was blood gulch in forge world!

I’ll have a translation into french at the bottom to make it easier for you :slight_smile:

> Je vais avoir une traduction en français en bas pour le rendre plus facile pour vous :slight_smile:

The whole idea of Invasion was to have some sort of canon in MP involving Elites against Spartans. Like you pointed out Elites aren’t playable and don’t really fit the mindset that 343 has with Halo 4 MP. But there is a custom unmodded gamemode called conversion that plays similar to Invasion: I know it’s not exactly the same but it can definitely scratch that itch you have.

> L’idée d’invasion était d’avoir une sorte de canon en MP portant sur les élites contre Spartiates. Comme vous l’avez souligné élites ne sont pas lisibles et ne correspondent pas vraiment l’état ​​d’esprit qui a 343 avec Halo 4 MP. Mais il ya un mode de jeu unmodded personnalisée appelée conversion qui joue similaire à Invasion: Je sais que ce n’est pas exactement le même, mais il peut certainement gratter cette démangeaison que vous avez.

Thank you for the translation and map / mod.
But I would have preferred to introduce the 343i map and mod in matchamaking or invasion. (and face another map for this type).
I know that Halo is a game or community is heard, there is not a way for 343i introduce invasion or conversion in matchmaking?