Invasion in H2A and Halo 3

In H2A and 3 you have Spartans and Elites; it’s a greatly missed opportunity to not incorporate Invasion into both these games as I can see great maps being made for invasions inclusion into 2A and 3.

I feel like the only way it would work with how those games are made is by someone making a gametype for custom games with similar rules (or as similar as someone can get it) to Invasion’s objectives, and then each player would would have to set their preffered species for whichever team they’d be on (spartans or elites). It would sort of be like H2C infection honor rules.

It would be really cool if 343 made it an official gametype but I don’t really see 343 doing it tbh.

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It’s a better idea just to make it a standard Red vs Blue mode instead of Spartan vs Elite.

while the basic premise of Invasion could work on it’s own (2 alternating rounds of a 6v6 3 phase capture/defend), the people who play as Elites wouldn’t want 343 to change how H2A/C and Halo 3’s customization works just for a gametype. it was already one of their biggest complaints with Reach in the first place, on top of it also further altering legacy functions that were staples of Halo 2 and 3 (which is a big no-no for the legacy preservation crowd as well).

just about the only game that I think the majority of people would be okay with being that way is Halo 4, given it’s shared blood between Reach and H2AMP lending itself to utilizing features from both if they were to program it in.

I have wondered In the past if it would be possible to force species via gametype scripting like Reach does.

Forge was considered a gametype in 3 and it spawned you as a monitor, which was also a moddable gametype script in Reach…
It could be possible in the future who knows.

Unless 343 does a major rework of how Halo 3 handles gametypes I don’t think it’s feasible to add an Invasion like mode to H3. They’ve done the impossible before so I wouldn’t count it out 100%, but it’s also something I don’t think anyone is really clamoring for.

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