Invasion gone? Dominion is stupid!

Will there be invation in War Games?
This is something that is fairly important to me, because it is my all time favorite gametype in the Halo history books.
Not having Invasion would be sad, but not game breaking. However, I would like the game more if it was added.

What was the reason 343 took it out? It was widely popular, or did Dominion replace it? I don’t like dominion because all the try hard “pro” people play it and seem to cheat (though I know they aren’t) and dying over and over without much success trying to learn a new gametype is NOT fun.

invasion wasn’t popular at all, other than the first month or so after reach launched the playlist rarely had more than 3k players at one time

Dominion is my favourite game mode. Invasion wasn’t very popular, the elites had an obvious disadvantage and overall it was a badly balanced playlist.