invasion firefight

Awsome idea not thought of by me.

maybe have a objective syle gameplay with waves of covies/flood/sentinels/marines attacking/aiding you.
im not very creative but post your ideas on how this should work.

alright… ignore my spelling…

general gameplay would work like a three( subject to change) stage firefight versus instead of normal invasion. the spartans would be working together to stop constant waves of smaller covinent and the co-ordinated asaults( who are we kidding) of the elites.

Goal- the winner is the team with the most points. you only score points as the spartans, but the elites can compleate objectives to cut the time the spartans have short.

Spartans- would have several objectives to defend, weather it be a hill, a generator, or a core. hills and generators would be main objectives, as in if they fall the elites win right then and there, but if they succede in defending them they can continue to play as the spartans and rack up points.

Elites- are trying to stop the spartans points by compleating objectives. for instance if they capture the hill or capture the core then the round is over. they can also kill the spartans to lower their score, however if the spartans manage to kill the elites, they will also lower the other teams score. also the elites can destroy generators, wich are not tier changing objectices, in order to allow them to have stronger rienforcements. also as a final point only the elites can compleat objectives, not the rienforcements.

Complications- as stated killing either side lowers their score, and there is no score floor, so in theory both teams can have a negitive score, and the team with the least negitive score would win. also as stated destroying generators will spawn stronger cannon fodder for the elites( better description below) but destroying them requires you to practicly ignore objectives.

Rienforcements- would continue to scale up, starting with grunts, and ending up with armies of brutes, elites, and the ocasional hunters. the trick here is that while brutes and hunters are harder to kill they also give more points, so to balance this earlier waves would spawn a lot more units for the spartans to kill.

Epiologe- as a final point there could be a reversal of roles where the spartans have to atack objectives to gain more time, destroy generators to weaken the spawns, or any combination already said, that would be up to the balanceing of the game.

Glad I’m not the only person thinking of this type of gameplay. I’d make it similiar to Invasion, only other objects besides go steal a tin can. Maybe blow up a factory or sabotage a Covy ’ ship’s engines or something. The first wave would have some grunts and jackals, and the Spartans would have a few marines for backup. The next wave would add more grunts and jackals plus NPC elites. Spartans get a few more marines. Final Wave spawns hordes of grunts, jckals, NPC Elites, and Hunters, while Spartans get ODST that hot drop at specified locations (kinda like target locator). This may be all wishful thinking, but would be amazing.