Introduction/Carbine Tips

Hey, everybody! I’m super new to forums (in general) so any help or hello’s would be great. Now the real topic that’s on my mind is how to be more effective with the Carbine. My accuracy isn’t bad but is there anyway I can pack more of a punch with this thing? All answers are appreciated.

All the carbine requires is accuracy. You can check out my stats and see that it is my most used weapon and that almost all of my kills with it are headshots. That being said, it is hard to give you any advice other than “be more accurate” but I will try.

  1. Being accurate in any console game is different from the same game on PC. Because the joysticks honestly have -Yoink- precision, all console FPS games have to give players auto aim. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to hit anything.

To be accurate in Halo you have to master the micro-movement. What I mean by this is that you should make small, sharp adjustments to your orientation until the auto aim kicks in. It is something that you have to basically get a feel for, it can’t be taught. Ultimately, however, if you are making long consistent movements with the joystick you are doing it wrong unless you are trying to turn around. You should be able to judge how far you need to turn in any direction with a simple tap of the joystick in order to get on target. Once you are on target, you have to make even smaller adjustments to make sure that your reticule is over the head, and then keep it there as much as possible.

Do not over do your aiming movements. Once you are on target it should be easy to stay on target, unless your enemy jumps. If they jump, just try to predict their movement and aim to where their head is going to be while shooting them on their way back down. When they are on the ground, keep in mind that a lot of your aiming should be done by strafing once you are close to their head.

  1. If you are on target, you should be spamming the trigger. The only thing the carbine has going for it is its high rate of fire. Once you are on target, begin firing even if you are not aiming at the head. Continue firing and adjust your fire to the head. If your target throws you off or for any reason you are off target, do not continue to fire. The carbine has a small ratio of possible damage compared to the rounds in the magazine, and its reload time is extremely long. Do not waste shots that are not going to hit.

  2. Do not use the scope unless you are shooting a target at long range. One advantage of the carbine is that it is totally unnecessary to scope in unless you would literally not be able to see the target otherwise. I am not positive about this, but it also seems like you are affected less by flinching when you are not scoped in.

  3. Being successful with the carbine means you need to have very good situational awareness. You always have to know where every enemy in radar range is and be ready to fire at them when they expose themselves. If someone with a DMR starts shooting you before you see them, you are dead. If you engage two or more targets at the same time, you are dead. Always retreat around cover in those situations and try to isolate and engage enemies in the lowest numbers possible. In the same vein, do not commit to kills that are going to cost you a life. When you are using the carbine you should be content to harass the enemy and survive at all costs until the enemy makes a mistake or you can fight them one on one, preferably with you as the initiator.

  4. Try to engage targets at mid range if at all possible. This is where the carbine shines.

  5. Always retreat to safety and reload before engaging a new target or re-engaging with a troublesome one. The carbine has a small magazine and a long reload time.

  6. Become a master of the strafe. Move quickly side to side in erratic and unpredictable movements.

  7. Probably the most important tip of all: Remain calm and have fun. Play with confidence and never, ever rush into the middle of things. If you are getting frustrated, you are on a bad track that will only lead to more deaths or frustration. If you cannot alter your mood to regain your composure and take battle opportunities appropriately, then take a break until you can.