Introducing ONYX settings!

Before I begin and before anyone lets loose pointy fingers at me with accusations of yet another person attempting to fragment the community, let me elaborate. I see a good handful of people who have made gametypes and typically these gametypes, if advertised and have some good merit to them, they typically get a good amount of attention from the community. I figure to myself, ‘If they can just up and do that, why don’t I take a piss in the wind also?’. I wanted to make a gametype that had gameplay ideals and philosophies that no other popular settings have, OR simply pair up bits and pieces of some settings to bits and pieces of other settings, but ultimately just make something unique that improves upon the new things we’ve been given in Halo 4 without clearing off the table entirely and just giving the player a BR and nothing much else. I’ve worked hard on this and would love feedback, and am open to adjusting settings from feedback given. I just hope this community will pay some attention the nobody-special person who hasn’t done anything they’ve been remembered for yet. So without further rambling, the settings are listed below! These settings apply to both 4v4 as well as FFA unless noted otherwise.

(appropiate files on my fileshare, gamertag is same as forum name)

ONYX Settings

Score to win: Unlimited

Time limit: 10 minutes

Kill points: 1

Suicide and betrayal points: -1

Friendly fire: Enabled

Map loadouts: Disabled

Loadout Usage: Personal Loadouts

Respawn time: 4 seconds

Suicide and Betrayal penalty: 5 seconds

Deathcam: Disabled

Initial Ordnance: Enabled

Random Ordnance: Hell no

Personal Ordnance: Enabled

Point requirement: 70

Point increase multiplayer: 0%

Left Ordnance Slot: Hardlight Shield (Team variant: Plasma Grenades)

Bottom/Middle Ordnance Slot: Boltshot (Team variant: Speed Boost)

Right Ordnance Slot: Pulse Grenades

Damage Resistance: 110%

Shield Multiplier: Normal Shields

Shield Recharge Rate: 125%

Shield Recharge Wait: 4 seconds

Damage Modifier: 110%

Melee Modifier: 75%

Primary weapon: Unchanged

Secondary weapon: Magnum

Grenade count: 2x frag

Armor Ability: Thruster Pack

Tactical Package: Resupply

Support Upgrade: Explosives

Sensors: Default. (Team variant: no sensors)

Player Speed: 120%

Jump Height: 125%

Gravity: 100%

Fall Damage: 0%

Key Gametype Settings Concepts: As you can probably infer, these settings play very fast. The things that allow for faster gameplay are enabled here. Things like faster shield recharge times in line with Halo 2/3 times, movement speed, Speed Boosts in PoD for 4v4, and the off-spawn AA being Thruster Pack cause this fast pace. My reasoning for this is that if we’re to have sprint, we need to accept the fact it inevitably prolongs encounters, So I figure, why not speed up the entire process and let those who are low on shields get back into the fight much quicker? Sure, sprint is sprint and they’ll possibly sprint off to safety no matter how fast things are, but with quicker shield recharge rates, the one low on shields will feel less need to get as far away as possible, and should they do that anyway, on maps like Haven, the movement speed and jump height paired with Thruster Pack allow for so many tactical, diverse, and unique tricks and jumps for the pursuer to reach their prey before they regain shields.

So now that we have (hopefully) a much faster pace of game, action and kills should happen a lot more, so I decided to do away with score limits. An all out slaying fest until the timer runs out is what we have as right now. Without proper testing I cannot possibly know what the average number of kills per winning player/team will be, so I opt for this instead.

And then I came to the the whole debate of what starting weapon the player should have. Instead of being restrictive and forcing one rifle on a player over another, and what with all the many different opinions of the community…I simply enabled personal loadouts and opted for almost the entire loadout forced to one set option, save for the primary weapon. The primary weapon is YOUR choice. Want to go with the BR and it’s 4SK ability? Go ahead. Want to use the DMR for longer range encounters? Cool. Want to be a noob and use a Suppressor? Your funeral.

Next, I opted for 110/110 damage settings for the 4SK BR and 4SK unzoomed Light Rifle. To be honest, in my mind, 110/110 should logically be 100/100 so why the hell the BR and LR are altered is beyond my frail mind, but the general consensus of the community is that it’s better to buff other weapons than the DMR than to nerf the DMR, so a buffed BR and LR seem to be better than not buffed. I also opted for 75% melee damage (or is it 85%? I think I recall weapon damage alters melee damage, because 343logic) because if we are to have close quarters weapons like the magnum and automatic weapons, it’s quite a nooby and unskillful tactic to pump three magnum shots in someone super fast and give a left hook, or do the same with the AR and six shots. 75% (or 85%?) makes for 3-punch-kills, and while chances are if you’re ambushed by one of /those/ people, you may still be screwed, they’ll still have a harder time doing it. Heck, they’ll have a harder time anyway with 125% speed for faster strafe and an effective Thruster Pack to evade these kind of players.

Lastly, I wanted personal ordnance in as a means of a small, constant, and consistent reward for players that isn’t tide-turning. At 70 points and no increase multiplier, you’ll be able to call yourself down a neat pulse grenade or speed boost or whatever. Yeah, it’s kind of gimmicky, but speed boosts will be good for hunting down those one-shot sprinters!

As for the maps to go along with the gametype, I have only made two. One FFA variant for Haven, and one team variant for Adrift. Don’t want to put too much effort in my endeavor without knowing if it’ll be liked or not, eh? These two variants I made are easy and so I don’t need a diagram to explain or anything.

Haven FFA: Scattershot changed to Shotgun, resupply time on 3 minutes. Sticky Det changed to Railgun, resupply time on 2 minutes. Needler stays the same, resupply time on 2 minutes.

Adrift 4v4: Sword changed to Rockets, resupply time on 3 minutes. Scattershot changed to Railgun, resupply time on two minutes. Sticky Det changed to Boltshot, resupply time on two minutes. Four armor abilities in the middle section of the map. One on each of the stacked boxes, one under each of the attic platforms and above the doorways under attic platform (the little lip of the doorway above it). Abilities are Jetpack, Pro Vision, Hardlight, and Regen. Resupply time set to one minute.

And, as of right now, these are my settings. I’m as passionate as anyone else is with this stuff, and I’d love feedback. The appropiate files are, of course, on my fileshare. GT is same as forum name.