Introducing Myself & Halo Content

Hi Everyone,

I’m Ash, Huge Halo fan for years. Been a member on Waypoint for a while but this is the first time I’m posting, first time for everything, right? I was told by a friend of mine (Another huge Halo fan) that this is the place to meet fellow Halo fans and share awesome stories and other such Halo related things.

I run a YouTube Channel with a friend, channels called The Hobgoblins, and I’ve started doing Halo videos in a series called “3 Lives, You’re Dead!!!”, and with the MCC only a few weeks away & Halo 5 Guardians next year, I’ll be doing a hell of alot more Halo content too. :slight_smile:

Please check out the channel and let us know what you think, and if you like, Please subscribe.

Click Here to check out The Hobgoblins YT Channel

And Click here for the first 4 of many, many Halo videos

Thanks everyone, Can’t wait to chat and play some Halo with you fine people real soon.

Much Love,

Ash :slight_smile:

hey Ash! welcome to waypoint!

are you going to do mcc videos?