Introducing Aware Gaming!

Hi everyone, I just wanted to take a moment to introduce the Halo community to a new eSports organization and our teams. We currently field two League of Legends teams, one from North America and one from South America. Both teams have some really great talent, and we are hoping to help get them to that next level.

We stream regularly, including most all tournament matches, and other scrims/practice sessions during the week. We also recently launched a Spanish channel as well in which we plan to co-stream games for our SA teams in Spanish.

Anyways, we would love for you guys to come by our website, follow/like us and all that jazz, and stop by our streams sometime and say hi!

We plan to start an Halo 4 team as well, so, if you think you have what it takes, just sign up here:

About us:

Aware eSports is a multi-region organization founded on the idea that professional gaming is about more than just the competitions, but also about having a solid business model behind it. This understanding is what will build our foundation not only as an eSports organization, but also the teams we field. We stress professionalism, creativity, and adaptability throughout our organization and we believe that having an "awareness” of how to provide services that benefit our sponsors, partners and fans is what will help us differentiate ourselves from other teams.

Aware Owner/CEO Ryan “Arbee” Bentley has said for years that he believes competitive gaming could become the next "X-Games” in the sporting world. But at Aware, we are aware that this requires more of a business mentality then has existed in previous years. It requires that professional organizations form partnerships with other businesses and sponsors to bring them added value beyond just winning. It means thinking a little "outside the box”, and targeting a broader range of gamer demographics such as female gamers, social gamers, and the older gamers who are professionals in other fields, but still hold that passion for competitive gaming. And most importantly it means to continually try to innovate the eSports scene and how we bring gaming to the mass.

At Aware, we combine our relentless passion for eSports with our business experience, and involvement in various fields that include: competitive gaming, music industry, youth/college athletics, and technology to help provide a better future for eSports. We hope you will give us the opportunity to share our passion with you.

Our links:

Our Placements:

1st place- Z33k NA Weekly Tournament #20
2nd place-Z33k NA Weekly Tournament #17
2nd place- Z33k NA Weekly Tournament #16
Top 16- Go4LoL #74
Top 8- Go4LoL #76
Top 32- Go4LoL #78
Top 16- Go4LoL #79
Top 8- KillSteal Gaming Overkill Series #1
2nd place- Z33k NA Weekly #23

Aware Gaming NA:

1st Place- Sticky Flames Bi-Weekly #6
4th Place- KillSteal Gaming Overkill Series #1
9th Place- Go4LoL Cup #78