intresting DLC issue with crimson map pack

so ok i was playing halo 4 today and the Xbox live marketplace button was flashing, so i clicked on it and it prompted me to download the crimson map pack for free? now i impulse clicked download, then as it was downloading i realized something,i dident have the war games map pack or anything like it downloaded as part of my normal edition pre order or any code i entered (for reference i have the frost armor/frost BR and the specialization early access DLC code i got in a e-mail form Microsoft) now i realized this after i Downloaded it and am to worried to play the game as i may have somehow -Yoinked!- something up. so is this some weird mess up on X-box lives part ir what the heck is going on. im posting this here as i have no clue where exactly to put it so if i posted it in the wrong place im sorry and would like to know where to put it. if this is the right place and you need more information pleas ask and i will do my best to provide it.

its fine to play.

Microsoft screwed up and put it up free, but now apparantly, you can download it as a trial until the 18th and pay then if you want it or not

This is supposed to happen. Woodstar is right, you can play it for free untill the 18th and then you have to buy it if you want.

well thats a a load of my chest i thought i screwed up and was somehow going my account banned

thanks for the info guys