Into the box glitch: Escape from A.R.C.

I somehow reproduce the armory glitch with… a box. Same laws of physic apply, you need to time your grenade perfectly and jump out the moment the wraith back is next to the box. But watch out, you will only be left with one grenade so unless you have power weapon, you are stuck there forever and ever.

Link to the clip
From inside the box

More seriously there was a guy on the opposite team trying to help me out, but every time he popped my shield, he was being killed by one of my teammates haha!!!

Lol, haha

Lol gutted :’) Did you still win?

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> Lol gutted :’) Did you still win?

Yeah we won by destroying the core, but I had to shoot bullet from time to time and I kept running into the box for not being kicked out of the game. It was a 11v11 anyway someone had left on the other team