Internet Speed Help

So I need help guys, considering buying this game digitally. I really don’t know anything about Internet speed, so if someone can tell me if my download will be pretty fast I would appreciate it.

download speed per Xbox one- 60.71 Mbps
upload speed 14.95 Mbps
packet loss- 1%
MTU- 1480

60.71 Mbps isnt that bad. You could expect 3-7 hours to download 60gb if you buy digitally.

It’s a 15 GB patch though, so it’s 15000 * 8 / your internet speed in Mega bits per second / 60, this gives you the number of minutes to download the patch.

If that 60.71 Mbps holds, you’re looking at about 33 minutes for the patch, plus 100 minutes for hte game. Looking at a little over 2 hours total.

If this website is correct, it shouldn’t take more than a few hours.

I would like some other users’ input as well though.