Internet connection between 2 xboxs is laggy!

Please read this carefully, here’s my situation:
I have 2 Xbox 360s. When they both are connected to Xbox live, or the Internet, the connection is fine. The 2 xbox’s can play games wirelessly just fine when both on.

The problem is when the 2 xbox’s are connected to play games TOGETHER wirelessly like through custom games on halo or when playing matchmaking together, the connection between the two goes crazy. It starts to ruin the Internet connection between the 2 xbox’s, and it makes the game for both xbox’s lag really bad. Once the 2 xbox’s are separated wirelessly, they work just fine again.

I have a dual band router, which is pretty good for a router. Every other weekend all my cousins and friends comes to my house and there’s about 5 iPads logged into my Internet, 1 laptop, and and usually 1 Xbox is running but sometimes 2 are running (both playing different games online like one is minecraft and the other is playing halo online), and honestly there is no lag between any of the devices.
But as soon as the 2 xbox’s get together for the same custom game, the connection is just crap.

What’s the problem? I can’t seem to find it out, and no one can seem to help me! I even tried calling my Internet company, but nothing seems to be helping. I used to have my xbox’s connected all the time wirelessly and it never did this.
If you can help me, thank you so much!

I would run both xboxes on a hardwire system and let all of your devices run wirelessly.

> I would run both xboxes on a hardwire system and let all of your devices run wirelessly.

I’m not really in favor of having an Ethernet cord running all the way to my living room from my bedroom man lol
Anyone else have any ideas?

What is the NAT for both? It could be that you need to Port Forward them. This hasn’t happened to me, and there aren’t many who have more than one Xbox in a household. Sorry I can’t help more, the Port Forwarding is your best bet besides going Wired. :wink: