Intermittent Server disconnects

I am having an issue with I can only describe as server disconnects. I am playing in an online arena/warzone or co-op campaign and will start to seemingly lag out. I am NOT losing connection to party chat nor internet connection on my pc during this time. I seem to have control of my character during this time but people are running into walls and I cannot interact with items or players and then, randomly, I will jump back into live action either dead/respawned or in a corner. I have played games without this happening at all, some with only a couple times and others i will regain control for 5 seconds then drop back out. My ISP is comcast. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

Also, Halo 5 guardians is the only game I am experiencing this issue. Played some online MCC and gears of war to test.

bruh, I been here the whole time.

I have the same issue on a few occasions as well.

There are numerous threads about this, bumping for visibility